Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Time Limoges Boxes

It is nearly summer time and many people are donning their swim suits and getting ready for some beach-side fun in the sun!

Limoges boxes capture the essence of beach time fun with a cute sandy theme.  Colorful beach chairs, sea shells, sun glasses, starfish, ... these fun details strike up the cravings for a heat wave. 

Send a loved one off on their summer vacation with these summer enticing trinket boxes.  Usher in the sunny season with summer time Limoges boxes and set the mood to start your rest and relaxation.

Sun glasses, wide-brimmed sun hats, these Limoges boxes have lovely details that add just the right touch to the sun-worthy pieces.

Visit for these pieces and more that will match all your summer dreams.


  1. Hi Esther, I realized that when I responded to your inquiry about the angel wings at my blog store at Maison Decor it went to a no reply blogger, and you never got my response. I do have the angel wings, if you are still interested please send me an email amymaisondecor
    And I wanted to add I collect Limoges boxes and nice knockoffs too!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I simply fell in love with those angel wings, and I'll have to get those soon ... I think they would look great above my bed in lieu of a headboard. :)
    Thanks again -- I'll be in touch.
    And I'm glad you enjoy Limoges boxes, too!

  3. Hello,
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