Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fair-ly Nostalgic Limoges Boxes

Fairs are great venues for kids and adults alike to enjoy fun and games!  Food, candy, live shows, entertainers, rides ... show much stimulation for all the senses jam-packed into one place.  Typically, counties have fairs every spring or summer, something that people look forward to so they can spend the whole day taking in the sights and smells and just enjoying all the activities. 

There are many different forms of machinery brought in for these events -- colorful equipment that are enticing and exciting to the eyes. Perhaps the most memorable of these rides is the carousel. With music and lights and colorful animals to ride, these rides are are joy for all ages.   
These rides are abundant in France, and the name itself of French origin, making it perfectly fitting that these lovely Limoges boxes are made of quality French Limoges porcelain

This Carousel Limoges box is a nostalgic delight, with bright colors, and featuring three beautifully painted horses.  It makes you remember the music that fills the air at a fair and creates a fun-filled setting to think of you or your loved ones as first-time riders sitting tall in the saddle.  Smiles abound as a carousel spins, spreading laughter to all aboard, and this Limoges box is a great way to evoke those smiles again.                           

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