Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Limoges Boxes Of The City That Never Sleeps

Bright lights, big city -- New York is well known for its jam-packed East coast flavor.  Taxi cabs, subway, food galore, Brownstone apartments, and Broadway shows, NY is filled with all the stereotypes, charm, and allure that people have come to envy and idolize. Not to mention all those key places that natives and tourists flock to on a regular basis:  Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and the Met.

 You can find Limoges Boxes of specific NY landmarks, or one like this -- a comprehensive gathering of NY tourism hot spots

When I lived in Connecticut, I would frequently hop on the train into the city for a weekend of shopping or meeting up with friends.  I even went to meet my brother and his finance, at the time, just before he proposed to her atop the Empire State Building.  Never a dull moment in New York, that is for sure.
More than eight million people call New York city home, and no doubt these individuals are a tough and proud bunch, knowing full well how great their city is.  It is a relatively young city, as well, as settlement began in 1625, and started bustling in global trade, investment, dynamism and density by the early 1800's. 
New York, interestingly enough, also served briefly as our nation's capital in 1785.  Soon after that, though, in 1790, Washington D.C. became our capital as we know it today.

New York certainly has not had an easy road.  It's popularity and strength of a billion dollar economy, ranking right behind Tokyo, has successfully journeyed hardships.  The most recent tragedy hitting the Big Apple, was the September 11 terrorist attack that took 2,979 lives and destroyed the city's proud landmark of the twin towers.  Historically, in 1832, a cholera epidemic killed 4,000 citizens; a fire in 1845 leveled 300 buildings; and in 1975, the city defaulted into bankruptcy.  So, clearly, NYC is no stranger to hardship, and the fact that this city never sleeps is perhaps their secret weapson, keeping alert and active against setbacks.  They are always on the ball, tourism is every increasing, and opportunities are abundant for several leading industries, including fashion, finance, and commerce.

 The skyline of NY along the rim of these Limoges boxes make me long for a night out on the town!

If you can't make it out to NY as often as you like, you can surely created your own little NY at home with these darling little French Limoges box pieces of the awesome city!

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