Monday, April 2, 2012

Living Happily Ever After with Limoges Boxes

Cinderella Carriage Coach Limoges Box by Rochard

Don't forget the slipper, too!!  These Limoges boxes can open up to store the slipper so Cinderella won't lose it ever again.

Pumpkins are a magical fruit most popular at Halloween time.  They are orange balls that can be carved into various spooky-looking jack-o-lanterns, painted, and propped on your doorstep.   Also popular at Thanksgiving is that delicious after-feast delight, pumpkin pie.   And, of course, the seeds are an ever-delicious convenient tasty snack at any time in the year.  Pumpkins provide so many ways for us to enjoy them!

But, they did not always have a spooky or edible purpose -- they were also at one time a fairytale mode of transportation for a overworked young lady who needed a ride to a life-changing party. 

Cinderella's story is famous all over the world and her fairy godmother was notably resourceful by choosing mice to transform into carriage-horses, and one lucky pumpkin to be her carriage for an evening.  Disney made this story a hit all over again, but it was orignially written in 1697 by Charles Perrault.  Wicked stepsisters, chores day in and day out, a prince, a ball, some magic, a slipper, and a touch of happily ever after.  Since the original version, the story has been told in many different ways and the plot has had some changes, but the pumpkin is a constant. 

Cinderella Magic Coach (Beauchamp) Limoges Box
Open up these Limoges boxes to find Cinderella and her Prince sitting inside 

Children and adults can fall in love with this story and once that has happened you will wish you had your very own fairygodmother and a magic pumpkin carriage to take you away!  The good news is you CAN have your own carriage from, and it gets even better -- you can keep it much longer than the stroke of midnight.

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