Sunday, April 15, 2012

Limoges Boxes A La Richard and Emily Gilmore

My all time favoirte TV show that I have watched and re-watched (and re-re-watched) is the Gilmore Girls.  No other show has had me hooked like that one.  All the characters: Luke, Lorelai, Emily, Richard, Rory -- they are the core of their Stars Hollow town, and they make you want to live in that town for all its homeliness and quirks.

Richard and Emily Gilmore are a well-to-do couple in their 50's, living in Hartford, CT.  Their life is consumed with business deals, charity functions, auctions, European vacations, and , of course, their daughter and grand-daughter, Lorelai and Rory.   In their home, they have a main item that is 1920's classy -- a cocktail cart.  Whether whipping up drinks for a dinner party or preparing a quick nightcap, their tray provides functionality for their lifestyle.

Tray, shaker, cocktail recipe book, lime, glasses -- Limoges boxes are ready to mix it up!

This tray reminds me , too, of those old movies, like with Katherine Hepburn and the like, where that ready tray abides in homes ready for a glass of bourbon to relax with in a favorite chair while making witty conversation with guests.

Limoges boxes like this one make me nostalgic for the 20s and for any Gilmore Girls episode.  Martinis with olives, vodka straight no chaser, scotch on the rocks ... they all give a shout out to Hartford rich living, Gilmore-style.

Love those martini olives?  These French porcelain Limoges boxes  have you covered with a couple extra.

Get your own trinket box memory of Gilmorean class with these Limoges boxes.  Pop in any Gilmore season, while your at it, mix up a Bloody Mary, and you will soon see why I am so enamored by this Stars Hollow world!

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