Sunday, April 1, 2012

Desert-ed Limoges Boxes

Browsing through the plentiful inventory listed on, you will find some low-maintenace flora.  Limoges Cacti are even more low maintenance than the real thing, and they will surely be the easiest thing to care for in any French Porcelain Limoges box garden.

These Limoges Boxes get you started on a little indoor garden perfect under a kitchen window

If you want to see an impressive amount of cacti in one place, you must visit Arizona.  Most of Arizona is desert, which means the climate is harsh, dry, and hot for most of the year.   But, this weather is just perfect for some plants including the spiny cactus.  They thrive on the limited water, as their broad shallow roots absorb water effictively after brief summer or winter rains (depending on which desert area they are in) where the water may not soak very far into the soil. 

There are many different species of cacti:  Saguaro (the most classic type and the symbol of the Southwest), Prickly Pear (short cacti with sharp needled paddle branches), barrel cacti, fishhook cacti, organ pipe cacti (resembling a spider lying on its back), and Claret Cacti (with deep red flowers), are just a few.  Many of these cacti have beautiful blossoms and they bear plump edible fruit.

Limoges Boxes are available in my favorite Saguaro Cacti form

I always enjoy driving through Arizona, as road trips through the years have lent themselves to, because the cacti are a huge part of the charm of the terrain.  You know you have arrived when you see those prickly arms raised up in the air welcoming your arrival. 

In addition to these fun plants all over the place, Arizona has many things that are very view-worthy.  The Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park, London Bridge, and various ghost towns.  Yet, the only things I have ever stopped to take pictures with have been my cacti buddies!

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