Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Egg-cellent Limoges Boxes

Easter is always a fun holiday for kids and adults, as there are so many activities to do together that make the day special and memorable.   This holiday marks the beginning of Spring for many, which is the entrance into a wonderfully refreshing time of year.  Limoges boxes cover all the bases of this day in porcelain, featuring every Easter-related french porcelain trinket box from bunnies to baskets. 

The best part about Easter for many children today is the Easter basket, filled with fun treats like candy, toys and big chocolate eggs. 

Limoges boxes can be a creative gift that highlight the most special memories we take away from events or holidays

The part about Easter I have always liked the most has been coloring the eggs.  I love coming up with new designs and techniques to outdo the previous year's work.  Starting with a plain white egg, then dipping it in various dyes to achieve a multi-colored masterpiece was always the fun way to spend Easter morning when I was growing up.   The Limoges boxes below are quite similar to the work produced in my own kitchen every year ... only so much cuter!
These Limoges boxes showcase eggs in all their colored glory ... the best part of my Easter day fun!

By decorating eggs you are joining a tradition whose roots extend deep into histroy.  Ancients, believing the whole universe was created from a cosmic egg, decorated eggs as a gift to the world of life, power, and goodness.  The tradition passed from ancient Egypt and Persia to the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe where decorated eggs celebrated Christ's resurrection. 

While spending this day with your family and friends, why not add some charm to your place (or theirs) with a touch of French porcelain Limoges.   Easter baskets don't have to be just for the kids, as Limoges boxes also make a great Spring gift.  These precious collectibles can light up your home every Easter, year after year ... and then some!

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