Friday, April 6, 2012

Limoges boxes your little ones can (one day) appreciate

Any parent knows that there is an enormous amount of preparation necessary, both mental and physical, before welcoming your new baby.  There are diapers to stock up on, doctors visits to keep, a room to prepare, baby showers to have, and books to read.  It is a fun time and a busy time, getting things all set up so you are ready for all the action with the new little one. 

One great thing about baby life is that they come along with the need for miniature furniture and accessories necessary for their day to day.  Cribs, strollers, pacifiers, high chairs, bibs -- things that any great shopper can appreciate the entertainment value of.  Setting up and accumulating all these baby items makes your life easier and their life more comfortable. 

Baby Boy in High Chair Limoges Box by BeauchampFlowered Baby Girl Pacifier (Beauchamp) 
Limoges Box

And, naturally,you can get all your baby needs in the form of Limoges boxes as well!  These porcelain pieces are great for any baby-welcoming time -- for your own baby, your friend's, your sister's, your cousin's ... a gift that is guaranteed to be unique and bewitching.

So detailed and realistic, these French porcelain Limoges boxes make the mess, full-time schedule, and busywork of tending to babies seem less stressful and more enrapturing.  An adorable pink pacifier that fits into the Limoges box featuring an adorable sleeping baby girl; a cozied up little baby boy that you can set into his crib;  and those ahhhh-inspiring teeny baby booties.  Perfectly petite and a great memento for any new parent to mark the occasion of a new addition to their family!

My parents kept many of the little gifts they recieved when I was born ... piggy banks, clothes, beautifully framed photos, scrapbooks, foot prints.  I love to look through these keepsakes, as it is sweet to know how celebratory my baby-life was for them.  I do think, however,  it would have been surpassingly great if was around back then so their friends and family could have also showered them with some of these precious collectibles for the occasion.  :)

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