Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Limoges Trink-cat boxes

Cats are popular pets, just as popular as dogs, and this universal popularity means only one thing -- Limoges boxes!

That's right -- you can find a porcelain trinket box to suit your taste in cats -- and highlight your favorite part about their personalities.  Some people love their independence and low-maintenance...

Black Cat w/ Fish Inside Limoges Box

Some enjoy them for how playful they are...

Others regard them as effective mouse-trappers...
This is one of my favorite Limoges boxes, for sure!

And the rest, most likely, simply enjoy having them around the house just looking cute!

Sometimes you want to hug and kiss Limoges boxes when they look as adorable as this one!

Cats require some basic equipment for everyday life:  a litter box, carrying crate or container, scratch post, comb or brush, and small toys to keep them busy.  They love to play -- they will chase a string or bat around a small ball for hours.  They also love attention, as noted by their perpetual purring when you pet them.  These Limoges boxes exemplify all the sweetness of our feline friends, and they are much easier to collect than a bunch of real kitties! 

Being quite territorial creatures, this can make it rought for a new cat you may bring into your home if you already have another.  Not only with other cats, but they can be territorial with humans as well.  I will never forget a trip I took to visit my cousin for a few days, where her cat was clearly not enthused with my presence.  Each time my cousin and I would leave and return to the house, I would find articles of my clothing by the front door, that her cat had dragged out of my luggage -- he was trying to get rid of me one shirt at a time!  :) 

I like cats because they have a fearless ferociousness to them like their kindred lion, but they also have a little bit a cuddly kitten to them no matter how old they get. 

These Limoges boxes come in all types of feline friends.  A great collection to grow ... and no need for vets or canned food ... just an occasional dusting and they will be just as independent as the real thing!

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