Friday, March 16, 2012

Collecting Limoges Boxes -- Decorating With Objects of Sentiment

It is commonly known that beautiful surroundings make for a better life … and everyone has a different way of making those surroundings beautiful.  No matter your style, the beautifying process is quite satisfying, and requires both knowledge and restraint.

Collectors of French Limoges boxes know that they have items that are both beautiful and valuable, just like those who adorn their walls with classic paintings or those who fill their mantels with antique pottery.  How one displays these items can cause others to either appreciate them as well do or to see them as a meaningless conglomerate of knick-knacks.  This is where presentation is key.

The most formal and contained way to display your Limoges boxes is to place them behind glass of a hutch or armoire.  When doing so, make sure to space them apart, 6-8 inches, enough for each piece to be appreciated, and keep like objects together, either sorted by color, shape, or size. 

Another way to display Limoges for personal daily viewing is on a nightstand or dresser.  Good pieces for this would be Limoges boxes that reflect a happy time in your life, like an icon from a memorable vacation, or a box that reminds you of a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation.   Set these pieces together remembering that for each spot less is more – in this location these items should add a splash of color or serve as a centerpiece to be appreciated.

A location in your home to display Limoges for more public view is at your front foyer or entryway, lining pieces up that make your guests feel invited or pieces that immediately communicate the mood of your home’s décor. 

For example, you could set your Limoges boxes up thematically, like creating an indoor garden feel, by displaying your colorful flower pieces...
Bouquet of Tulips (Beauchamp)

...or setting up a shrine of sorts for your beloved sport pastime.
Baseball Collection Set

You could even display famous landmark pieces, as a timeline marking places you have visited.

However one chooses to display their beloved Limoges art work, they will undoubtedly make the atmosphere more cheerful and are always nice conversation starters.

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