Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Limoges Boxes To Have and To Hold

Weddings are a process -- but thrilling in every step.  Not only does one's wedding day stay with them forever, but the same goes for the months prior to the event (proposal, engagement, wedding planning), and the highlighted events afterward (honeymoon, gift opening, name change).    Weddings are a wonderful tradition and there are many critical pieces of the ceremony that define the event.

Wedding ring buyers always want to go to a reputable jeweler and consider the four C's when purchasing a diamond -- color, cut, clarity, and carat.   For the man, initially presenting the ring to his bride is important, and Limoges Boxes like the one below are options to consider. 

Taking your time when looking at various rings is key as you will be wearing this piece forever, and it is always nice to know the you took the time to find the perfect symbol, especially when you can be reminded of that fact by all the compliments you will get by those who catch a glimpse of your rock.  

Coming in all flavors, colors, sizes, and styles, wedding cakes can be just as difficult to choose as the ring.  They can also be just as pricey, in some cases.  Most important to consider is matching the style of your cake to the style of your wedding as a whole, and also making sure the size corresponds to the number of guests you have invited.  A two or three-tier cake selection, as exemplified by the Limoges boxes below, are standard wedding choices.

The wedding dress is another obvious must, and probably the most exciting choice for the bride.  Usually white, and available in many classic and contemporary styles, important considerations are mainly finding a dress that best fits with the overall theme of your wedding and, of course, whether or not it flatters ones body.

A most memorable and romantic occassion, weddings are a joy for you and your friends and family.  Limoges boxes make for excellent gifts not only for the bride and groom, but also wonderful keepsakes for those involved in your own wedding process.

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