Saturday, March 24, 2012

Having A Ball With Limoges Boxes

Golf is a popular sport played in a green, serene, and earthy environment.   The game, first called "the gouf", originated on the east coast of Scotland five centuries ago.  Initially, golf was little more than a pastime with virtually no organization, restricted to a relatively limited number of players.  These players consisted mostly of the gentry, who could afford the high cost of club-making and more particularly the very high cost of the balls of the time.

The most dramatically developed instrument of this game in the golf ball.  The very first golf ball, played with until 1848, was quite feathery, being made of a fragile leather pouch with boiled goose feathers. 

The next ball, created in 1902, was a rubber-core "wonderball" refered to as a rubber guttie.  It was made from a substance obtained for the tropical percha tree, as was much easier to produce.

Today, the standard gold ball is 1.68" in diameter and 1.62 ounces.  It was created in 1921 for the purpose of  instituting conformity, as the game of golf was finally coming to a place of uniformity throughout the world.  The Limoges box below shows an example of the ball we use today.

Requiring great skill and patience, many people gather for tournaments all over the world, to watch their favorite players focus intently and perform under pressure.  Whether you like to enjoy the game at home from your TV, live at official events, or simply on your own on Saturday mornings, these Limoges boxes makes a perfect gift for any "gouf"-affectionado!

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