Saturday, March 24, 2012

Limoges Boxes Are "Sew" Cute

Whether  you are dressmaking, tailoring, crafting, or accessorizing, sewing is a hobby that involves a keen eye!   Sewing can be so therapeutic, relaxing, and satisfying, as the ability to produce a unique item of clothing or something for your home is truly rewarding. 

I am not sure whether it is the things I am interested in making or if it is that I like combing pattern with fabric that I enjoy most, but I do know that I like having the right materials on hand if I suddenly find myself ready to sew.  My basic tools include the following:

Scissors:  One 8-10 inch long scissor that is only for fabrics, and one much small scissor for trimming and clipping.

Limoges Boxes like this one are decorative AND functional!

Pinking Shears:  For simple seam finishing

Pins and Pincushion:  To keep things together while you sew or iron

Needles and Needle Box:  For hand sewing and a variety of sizes ranging from fine to heavy duty for your machine.

You can keep your pins and needles together in ornate Limoge Boxes.

Tape Measure: Accuracy is key to a perfect project.

Rulers:  In the form of a yardstick, transparent ruler, and six-inch seam guide.

Seam Ripper:  To re-do any mistakes.

Tracing Paper, Chalk, Markers:  To mark your project from the pattern onto your material.

Thread:  Avoid cheap brands that can break or separate during sewing.

A spool and a tool!  Store a thimble or buttons in Limoges Boxes like this one.

Pressing Tools:  Include an iron that steams, press cloths to protect fabric from iron and vice versa.

These basics will help you complete any sewing task you set out to conquer, but there are many other tools you may accumulate from project to project.  Until then, why not accumulate sewing treasures of even greater value available at

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