Saturday, March 24, 2012

Earthly Limoges Boxes

Earth is a wild and exciting place.  At any given moment somewhere on the planet, storms are brewing, winds are howling, lightning is striking, fires are raging,  and floods are rising.  We do not often think about it, but our world is always moving and pumping with energy and life.  Most of these events depend on where are world is at that moment in its rotation.

Our planet from one view looks like a simply perfect ball, like the Limoges Box below, but it is made up of three basic layers, the partly liquid hot metal core at the center, the fleshy layer of semi-molten rock called the mantle, and the thin rocky surface skin, known as the crust.

Taking a look inside Limoges Boxes are always a world of fun!

Every twenty-four hours, our earth spins like a top.  While it is day on one side that faces the sun,it is night on the other.  The earth also travels on a 23.5 degree tilt which cause the seasons.  In the Northern Hemisphere, we experience summer when the earth is tilted toward the sun and winter when it is tilted away fromthe sun.  The opposite is true for the other side of the world -- so, always when one side of the earth is basking in summer, another part is shivering in winter.  This is why so many people choose to buy their "summer homes" so they can always escape their least favorite season, and enjoy the opposite weather at the same time in another part of the world! 
Limoges Boxes like this are great gifts for those who like to pack up and move about the globe!

I love maps, but find that globes are my favorite way of viewing the earth at a glance -- being able to do the old "spin the globe, close your eyes, and use your pointer finger to stop the globe to select where you will vacation next" technique of trip-planning is always a favorite of mine.  Plus, with Limoges boxes like these ones, I always feel powerful, as I can open up my own personal earth to look inside, then store something that means the world to me.

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