Monday, March 26, 2012

Limoges Boxes as Baseball Memorabila

Perhaps Jacques Barzun put it best: "Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball."  For morethan 150 years, this simple yet intricate game has been a mirror in which we can see ourselves -- and our country -- in all its contradictory, paradoxical glory.  In addition to keeping up with televised games, many love to surround themselves with collectibles, insignia, and memorabilia, to keep themselves in that euphoric state of living and breathing the beloved pastime.

This Limoges Box opens up to reveal a hand-painted baseball scene.

When it comes to baseball, the most popular collectible has always ben trading cards.  Originally packaged as inserts in packs of cigarettes, candy, baked goods,and bubblegum, baseball cards started out as gimmicks to boost sales for peripheral items.  Fast forward to today, when baseball cards are issued under more than half a dozen brand names (i.e. Topps, Score, Upper Deck).  They are more popular than ever, and rarely come attached to items unrelated to baseball.  The rarity of a card, as well as its condition are what make these exciting and valuabel collectibles.

Another popular baseball collectible is the bobblehead, which came about in 2000.  These dolls have big fat faces wired to springs so they nod in enthusiastic agreement to everything.  These are highly valuable, especially the bobblehead dolls that started the trend -- those of the Minnesots Twins.

Penants are another popular keepsake.  They are a nice way of saluting your team (or distracting the other team) from the stands.  Waving it around during the game is a fun way to enjoy the moments, just swaying
your team's symbol around or the sheer excitement of it all.

Whatever your collectible may be -- a dish towel, magnet, autographed ball, Wheaties box -- a true souvenir is only as valuable as the joy it brings to own it.  These Limoges boxes are a meaningful and classy way to express your love of the game to the world.  On your mantle, on your desk at work, in your bedroom or home office, these are enviable memorabilia by any standard. 

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