Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dog-gone Limoges Boxes

Dogs are easily considered the number one pet.  It is no wonder why more than sixty million Americans choose to share their home with a canine friend.  They offer so much by way of companionship, security, stress relief, entertainment, unconditional affection, and motivation to exercise.   A dog is an integral part of one's family and is likely to remain so for many years.

This Limoges Box German Shephard is ready to play ball!

In years past, dogs were specifically bred for certain jobs.  These duties included herding and guarding, search-and-rescue, assistance for sight/hearing impaired, and therapeutic visitors for individuals with special needs.  Today, dogs are mostly companions, but continue to have the same characteristics as always -- adaptability to family life, quickness to protect, and high level of dependence. 

Limoges Boxes like this English Sheepdog come with their very own bone!

Dogs require a lot of love, patient training, and care (food, exercise, grooming, vet visits), which makes them a big responsibility.  But the love and faithfulness they give and reciprocate makes it all worthwhile.

There are many resources one can turn to in order to find the perfect dog for their life -- the local newspaper, online community boards, veterinarian's office, local shelter, pet store, or a breeder.  But if you are looking for a low-maintanance substitute for the meantime, look no further than http://www.limogesboxcollector.com/.

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